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Wellcome to Bibione

Wellcome to Bibione - Grand Hotel Esplanada

A famous seaside resort on the High Adriatic, an hour of car from Venice, offers a wide choice of entertainment local, shopping place and amusement parks. The wide fine and golden sand beach, the clean and limpid sea rewarded by “Bandiera blu” for over 20 years, 40 km of cycle-lines, the green pinewood and the fascinating lagoon, its thermal centre and the numerous manifestations offered, make Bibione the ideal destination for the holiday of the European families.

Wellcome to Bibione Pineda

Wellcome to Bibione Pineda - Grand Hotel Esplanada

If your idea of holiday is  the one of a place plunged into nature and far from the stress of daily life, Bibione Pineda is your destination. Even if it has been a famous resort for a long time, Bibione Pineda has kept its characteristics of unspoiled landscape along the years which have always defined it. The colours, the smells and the sounds of Bibione Pineda are an unique experience to be tried. A sand peninsula included between the lagoon and the Adriatic Sea.

Wellcome to the Grand Hotel Esplanada

Wellcome to the Grand Hotel Esplanada - Grand Hotel Esplanada

Welcome to the pleasant and friendly atmosphere of Grand Hotel Esplanada in Bibione Pineda, modern four-star hotel situated in the middle of a dense pine –wood and just a few steps away from an exclusive and peaceful beach, practically on the sea front.
The Hotel is next door to the busy centre and close to the tourist port.
lt offers its guests the best in comfort and in precise and courteous services that derive from forty years of experience in hotel management.

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